Exede Internet FAQ

Exede offers several service types depending on your area.

12 MBPS Service
12 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload in areas served by our ViaSat-1 satellite.

5 MBPS Service
5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload in areas where 12 Mbps is not available.

Boost 25
In some locations, Exede offers this 25 Mbps download speed

Exede is here to help. Use the built in tool to choose the plan best suited for your needs.

Exede Internet strives to give you the best experience possible. Our plans are built based on how you want to use the internet. Read all about them in the data allowance FAQ.

The answer is yes! You can get the new Exede WiFi Modem with your Exede Internet order or you can use your own. Your wireless router allows you to access the internet on any device anywhere in your home. Get more details here.

Existing Exede customers can upgrade to Exede Wifi Modem for only $5 addl. per month. You can upgrade online at MyExede.com.

Yes, Exede Voice is offered specifically for Exede Internet. It includes unlimited long distance and local calls covering the entire U.S. and Canada. Get all the info on our Exede Voice web page.

You can use other VoIP services with Exede but you will have a better result with Exede Voice. Not to mention Exede Voice usage does not count against your data allowance!

Our certified technician professionally installs the equipment after consulting with the customer for location preference.  Typically, installation takes 2-3 hours. The satellite dish 30 in. wide by 28 in. high can be mounted on the roof, outside wall or on a pole. The satellite cable is then run from the dish to your computer in the home. Learn more here.

No, Exede requires one of our trained technicians to ensure the dish is pointed accurately at the satellite. The technician also verifies all connections are made correctly.

Our Exede dish is regulated by the FCC Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule. It is classified the same as a television dish mounted to your home. Check with your Homeowners Association or landlord for any limitations.

ViaSat was founded in 1986 in California. The three founders of ViaSat are still part of the business today.  ViaSat provides you with Exede Internet and also provides in-flight WiFi internet for JetBlue and United Airlines. The company has over 3000 employees dedicated to providing the best, most reliable internet service to customers all over the United States.

ViaSat offers a 90 day warranty for replacement of defective equipment. To get an extra level of care, ViaSat offers EasyCare for $5.99 per month. EasyCare covers services such as service calls, annual dish relocating and more. You can sign up with your original Exede order or go online to MyExede.

There is a cancellation fee of $15 for every month remaining of your 24 month minimum when you disconnect service. This is called an early termination fee (ETF).

For example: If you cancel service after 12 months of a 24 month contract, the ETF would be $15 x 12 months remaining. The fee would be $180.

ViaSat does not currently offer a broadband service for boats, RV's, etc. Exede Internet requires a fixed, stationary location.

Exede uses the latest technology in web acceleration to significantly advance speeds for page loading to minimize the latency effect. Our high capacity satellite gives you a significantly faster response time to enhance web browsing. There is more latency with satellite than DSL or cable but not enough to make much difference for most internet users. Games and VPN services can be affected - (see below).

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) might be very slow with Exede Internet. You may find some that do not work at all. 'SSL'-based networks may work well. To find out, take your VPN equipped device to a local dealer for testing. Find a local dealer here.

Depending on the game, your experience may be ok or you may not be able to play at all.

For the most part, fast action games with multiple players do not have a good response. You may find that single player games work better. Many different factors affect game performance including your location. Remember that software updates and downloaded content use up your data allowance quickly.