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Exede's satellite internet services have been built from the ground up to provide customers with a better class of internet, wherever they are. Bringing together some of the best and brightest professionals in the industry under one roof, and backed by decades of experience in satellite communications and consumer internet technology, Exede delivers lightning fast speeds to customers in cities, suburbs, rural towns, and more, and does it at an affordable price the competition cannot match.

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If you're looking for fast internet in your area, then look no further. Exede Satellite provides high speeds at low prices, with plans in your area that can fit your family's budget. Getting started with Exede is just as easy as signing up-- you could get online as quickly as a few days, and save more on your bill every month by making the switch. When cable companies can't provide the right service and DSL and dial-up just aren't fast enough, Exede's high speed network is there for you. Get internet where you live, at speeds you will love.

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A hundred times faster than dial-up, and up to ten times faster than DSL connections, Exede's high speed internet network provides customers in rural areas and suburbs with far faster speeds than the competition, and at extremely competitive pricing. Save more every month, and get some of the fastest speeds around with plans in your area with the right amount of data allowance for your needs. Exede high speed satellite internet delivers.

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Despite the awards, the Internet provider does not rest on its laurels and is keen to offer you the best Internet experience. With the satellite Internet from Exede in HammondOregon, you can be able to stream your favorite videos, send emails fast and also engage your friends and business associates on video chat.

Once you subscribe to the service, you can expect a fast installation. The service provider will send a highly trained technical team to set up the satellite dish to your house at no charge. The installation service is carried out fast because it does not rely on the physical infrastructure on the ground such as phone lines. As long as the dish is set up with a clear view of the sky, you can start enjoying super-fast Internet. In the past, residents of the Hammond usually waited for days or weeks for the phone company to fix their telephone lines in order to restore their dial-up Internet connections. Moving forward, residents on the satellite Internet system will no longer experience any service breakdowns.


If you're sick of dealing with rising costs every month for your internet, we hear you. Exede's3 year price lock guarantee means that you can get high speed satellite connections, services like ExedeVoice and DirecTV, and data allowances that fit, all with a 3 year price lock that won't shock you with surprise fees and price hikes. Get dependable local internet, and dependable pricing, with flexible options to buy more data without spending a lot more money. Contact us today and find out why customers getting started end up loving Exede's satellite services today.

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